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Solutions for reducing discomfort

Our doctors will help you navigate through various treatment options in a caring and professional manner!

From minor problems such as ingrown nails to complex conditions involving diabetic wound care and structural deformities, we will provide you with an expert diagnosis and quality care.

Common conditions we treat

Jefferson Valley Podiatry is dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of personalized foot and ankle care.

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There's a way

We use more conservative treatment measures before ever recommending reconstructive foot surgery.

• Heel pain/plantar fasciitis/heel spurs

• Sprains/strains/fractures

• Sports injuries

• Viral/plantar warts

• Ulcerations/wounds

• Dermatological conditions

• Nail fungus

• Infections

• Diabetic foot disorders

• Neuroma/nerve pain

• Arthritis/Gout of foot and ankle

• Soft tissue growths/tumors

• Hammertoes/bunions

• Biomechanical disorders/flat feet

• Children’s gait abnormalities

• Orthotics - foot and ankle devices

• Structural abnormalities/deformities

• Workers compensation injuries

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